Not planning to live in your RV all winter? Winterize your RV!

Don’t let your first vacation of the summer be ruined because of poor winterization. Let Julia and Kyle’s RV Repair and Maintenance take the worry out of your next trip!

I’ve seen it before…

Spring arrives, you start to prep for that first weekend in your RV. The family is excited, you’re excited, heck, even the dog is excited. You’re headed to Steamboat Lake and you want to ensure you’ve got plenty of water for the first 3 day excursion.

You fill your gravity tank with water and then check the systems inside your nice clean RV – and… water everywhere! What happened?

It may relate back to properly winterizing your RV – something you *thought* you had done, but now instead of a weekend at Steamboat Lake, you face hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in repairs as Kyle spends the weekend fixing your rv!


Average Winterization Preventative Cost $50-$100

The steps seem simple enough, but they do vary from RV to RV. It can be confusing to figure out which valves to turn which way depending on the model and year – this is why hiring a professional like Kyle is money well spent. Fees may be as low as $50 – $100 to winterize your RV. We’re “cheap insurance” for your RV, and your peace of mind.


The goal of winterizing an RV is to remove all water before freezing temperatures arrive. As you know, water expands when it freezes and this can be deadly for your hot water tank, as well as the plumbing inside and under your RV.

If you opt to act on your own – you’ll want to drain the hot water heater tank (scalding hazard!), drain all of the tanks, and then at the low point valves (you must locate these). At this point, the hot water heater tank must be ‘cut off’ before you add any anti-freeze. Be sure to use non-toxic, and administer the prescribed amount only. Follow the recommendations for the proper mixture based upon temperatures you expect to see at the coldest point of the winter.

If you get anti freeze in the hot water heater when winterizing your RV, you’ll likely ruin it ($500+ repair bill). And, if you fail to get all of the water out, or use the wrong anti-freeze mixture for your climate, you may still have damage in the spring.

If you believe its worth having a pro take responsibility for winterizing your RV or travel trailer, contact us schedule you right in! Kyle winterizes RVs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the entire surrounding region of Northwest Colorado.

Since you will have saved so much money, why not upgrade your camper or equipment?

Add LED lights, solar kits, towing packages, or any other cool additions to smooth out your experience!