Its spring time, and we’re all ready to go play!

We specialize in bearing and axle repair and maintenance. Julia and Kyle’s RV service in Steamboat Springs, CO will make sure your equipment is functioning properly for long days at work, and for your next cross-country adventure.

It takes less than 2 years to form rust! This is the cause of pitted bearings, and the leading cause of bearing failure. When was the last time you had them checked?

Built on still agricultural style axles and hardware without much changed since the beginning, bearings and brakes on all the trailers we use for recreation are still an imperfect science and need regular maintenance to ensure safety on the road. With our RV service in Steamboat Springs, CO, clients can be ready for their next adventure. Bearing seals only last an estimated 12k miles before they begin to really leak water and contamination into the bearings.  Even boat trailers, which are built to be submerged into the water, are the same style imperfect seal.

Trailer axles should be maintained every 2 years or 12k miles, whichever comes first according to manufacturer. Schedule your appointment to get them looked at.

Every year I have customers who lose wheels while driving, and it usually results in a significant loss and/or damage to the towed vehicle. With cost to maintain as low as $130 per trailer axle, it is certainly not worth overlooking maintenance hoping things go ok. A trailer is not simple a grab and go piece of equipment. With heavier loads traveling each year, lack of maintenance has begun to cause more than just broken parts, it hurts and even kills many travelers each year. Please don’t pass up our Steamboat Springs, CO RV service, get on a regularly scheduled maintenance program for your axles.


Average One-Time Per Axle Cost – $130
Preventative Program – $95

Those who schedule future maintenance with us will be protected from these losses by our regular axle maintenance, and your pockets protected as well by avoiding future loss and taking advantage of our discounted preventative program. As long as you sign up for regular axle maintenance with us, you will always receive a set cost per axle of $95.00 per axle. This price includes shop supplies ($15.00), seals ($9.65-$25.00 each), bearings and races (worth up to $23.00 each), and bearing caps ($4.00 each). Thats a savings per axle exceeding $40.00 each service and I happily provide this knowing I am keeping us all safe and having fun! This does not include parts upgrades or broken equipment, only regular maintenance.

Since you will have saved so much money, why not upgrade your camper or equipment?

Add LED lights, solar kits, towing packages, or any other cool additions to smooth out your experience!

LQ systems operational spring checks also done at a flat rate of $85.00. I will spend an entire hour checking all systems to ensure they are working properly and safely for this summers’ camping experience. I’m happy to make recommendations and educate you before sending you down the road with confidence in your equipment and know-how. With 10 years experience in this industry, let me show you what our business can do for you and your camping adventure this summer!

Best Regards,