We Can All Use A Little Help Sometimes

Here are some of our favorite RV and trailer tips and tricks from around the web. If you have any specific questions or concerns, we are happy to help! We look forward to making your next trip a safe and successful one.

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Full tank(s) of gas (turn off propane while fueling)

Oil level

Transmission fluid

Radiator Coolant

Brake Fluid

Battery water level

Windshield wiper fluid

Fan Belts

Tires and wheels (check inflation while tires are cool)

Check lights including turn signals, brake lights, & high beams


Inspect safety chains

Inspect brake wiring, connector, plug & receptacle

Inspect hitch components

Test breakaway switch

Lubricate coupler and latch

Lubricate breakaway switch pin

Clean breakaway switch contacts

Travel Trailer

Electrical System (fuses & generator)

Inspect generator exhaust (if equipped)

Auxiliary battery water (distilled)

Inspect/clean battery, cables, terminals

Check battery charge (in storage) or electrolyte (in use)

Test GFI outlets

LP or Propane gas tanks full

Check LPG system components and LPG leak detector

Fill fresh water tank (turn off pump)

Put stoppers in sink drains

Prepare waste water holding tank (pour enough water through the toilet to cover the tank bottom)

Latch Refrigerator

Latch cabinets

Check all interior lights

Check batteries in smoke alarm

Check carbon monoxide detector operation

Check fire extinguisher (charged & within easy access)

Check trailer brakes

Check tires for wear & damage, wheel & nut torque

Check tire inflation pressure (when tires are cold)

Check distribution of cargo, (heavy objects low, light objects high, even side-to-side distribution.)

Wash exterior

Check exterior lights including turn signals & brake lights

Spring Check

Inspect all hot, cold drain plumbing

Sanitize fresh water tank

Complete LPG pressure check & system check (by qualified personnel)

Inspect brakes & suspension system (by qualified personnel)

Pack wheel bearings (by qualified personnel)

Check water purifier cartridge (if equipped)

Clean interior (as necessary)

Wax exterior

Clean & lube overhead vents

Lube locks, hinges and hardware

5-6 Time/Year

Check slide-out room function & sealing (if equipped)

Check slide-out room hydraulic pump fluid level (if equipped)

Check water pump filter

Inspect roof sealant

Inspect slide-out seals (if equipped)


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