We are the Yampa Valleys First and ONLY mobile RV mechanic, based in Steamboat Springs, CO. With 10 years experience with motorhome and camper repair, and many more years as a big Industry mechanic, my experience allows me to provide a great service to the Valley and I really enjoy what I do and take extreme pride in my work. We do it right or we don’t do it at all! For quality and personal service, please text or call me to get scheduled and let me show you what our business has to offer! 

I was a mechanic in the making from age 9, when I broke the go cart and minibike that my father and I had built from scratch. They were rolling sardine cans, but the center of my youth at the time. My neighbor Kermet Winkel, (not only well known as a skilled steel mechanic, but just as loved for the trampoline in his back yard that even my dad jumped on when he was a kid), spurred my interest becoming a mechanic. Everyone was welcomed at his home. Kermet mostly stayed in his shop where he tinkered day in, day out on scale steam engines. He taught me how to braze my toys back together, and that was the beginning of my fascination with making things work.

From then on, every minute I had available  I spent there with Kermet watching and helping him with whatever I could, for he was almost completely blind and deaf but knew his shop so well that it didn’t even stop him. He utilized me for what he could, and together we went to a couple fairs to demonstrate the 1/15th scale Briggs and Stratton Thrasher steam engine that would pull a train of karts behind it 15 kids long thru the grass. Impressive, since it only stood waist high to a young American boy.

After the world lost Kermet Winkel, my attention turned to High School shop but didn’t last long before I had a daughter and began to work in construction. A couple years of that and learning tools, I went on to manufacturing Gas Compressor skids for the oil and gas industry. There I was a Millwright working very large engines and compressor sets and became skilled in pipefitting, tubing, electrical, welding, surveying, gas pipe leak repair specialties, and learned how to use every tool under the sun. The Millwright work led me to a several other jobs in Louisiana setting ship engines and doing the alignment.

I left Houston and headed to Colorado with my daughter where I helped to build Phase 2 and 3 of the Meeker gas plan, and the incoming pipeline and Entire facility of Williams gas Plant. I was a leak specialist repairing leaky pipes up to 60″ diameter using special hydraulic torquing equipment. When the big lay off and crash happened, I found myself traveling for work in Mines. I went to Wheeling, West Virginia to build a shaker plant, and Billings, Montana to build another.

I then decided that it was time to settle down and hat helped us to move here to Steamboat Springs, a place we once visited and just wanted to go back to. I found work here mechanizing horse and travel trailers. I learned how to master 12v using my employer’s business to teach myself, the learn as you go program! To keep me busy, we started taking on RV repair – which spiraled out of control!

So here I am, full of knowledge, I love to learn everyday, love my customers I get to work with, and I love what I do. I have a passion for this business that allows me to provide a great service to the Yampa Valley. Thanks to all those who support us!

Best Regards,


Coloradans are serious about recreation, so it is important to have the best recreational vehicles to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. Kyle and Julia’s RV repair is the best thing to happen to Steamboat Springs and Northwest Colorado in a long time! Recently, I purchased a horse trailer with living quarters from the Front Range and hauled over Rabbit Ears Pass to Steamboat. I had major problems after getting it home. I called Kyle on a Saturday morning in a snow storm and he was at my door, addressing my crisis in a very short time. Kyle’s ability to travel with all the tools and equipment to handle any size RV or trailer problem, on site, with the expertise that only years of experience can provide is invaluable. It is a service that Steamboat Springs has needed since the first Pioneers hauled trailers over the pass behind Model T’s! Thanks Kyle. Keep up the good work.